Hallowe’en Brexit – You Don’t Need To Make It Up

by Colin Fox

So now Brexit is set for October 31st. Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit impasse just runs on, and on, and on.

With the second ‘deadline’, April 12th, for leaving the EU having expired anti-climatically without fanfare, just as March 29th did before it, Britain now faces the farcical prospect of contesting elections to a European Parliament voters opted to Leave three years ago.

Having seen her EU Withdrawal Bill ignominiously dumped three times by the House of Commons, the UK Prime Minister in desperation opted for a tactical volte-face turning abruptly away from trying to persuade her recalcitrant DUP/ERG right wing allies, towards wooing Labour instead.

Photo: Craig Maclean

But the obstacles to an EU deal via this ‘compromise’

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Brexit, Independence & the Case For Socialism


  • Gerry Carroll, People Before Profit MLA from Belfast
  • Róisín McLaren and Colin Fox, SSP Joint National Spokespeople
  • George Kerevan, Leading SNP socialist & former MP

Will Britain leave the EU on March 29th or not? Whilst MP’s seem paralysed by indecision working class people suffer poverty pay, further insecurity, falling living standards and declining public services.

The Scottish Socialist Party believes none of these concerns will disappear whether we are in the EU or not. History shows that it is only when working people stand up for themselves and resist employers’ attacks that meaningful change occurs.

Independence offers an escape hatch for working people in Scotland to avoid the failed free market philosophy of the UK and EU.

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British Democracy on Trial

UK Supreme Court rules on Brexit Article 50

colin_foxBritain’s decision to leave the EU is being scrutinised today by the highest constitutional court in the land. And in doing so the case has exposed the sham that is UK democracy, writes Colin Fox.

Eleven unelected Supreme Court ‘Justices’ will rule on whether the UK Government has the legal right to use autocratic, monarchical ‘Crown Powers’ to override an elected Parliament’s right to impede the wishes of the British people expressed in a democratic referendum.

It sounds like a script from an episode of ‘Yes Minister’ or ‘The Thick Of It’.


To add insult to democratic injury the Judges insist they are above politics and always make their rulings impartially based only on matters of law – matters only passed into law by Parliament and therefore political by their very nature.

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From Spain to Scotland, the power of money must be tamed

by Ken Ferguson

As the Tories unveil their assault on vital services, democratic rights and trade unions amidst the establishment pomp of the Queen’s speech, the need for resistance to this no-mandate government grows ever more urgent.

And the sweeping left gains in Spain’s regional elections by Podemos and related forces following the election of Syriza – now in the very crucible of struggle between people and profit – earlier this year, is surely clear evidence of the fact that the unfettered power of money can and must be challenged.

Here in Scotland, despite the SNP Westminster landslide, we face a growing assault from a government rejected by Scottish voters but determined to impose its neoliberal will on behalf of the bankers and speculators at the expense of workers,

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