Brexit, Independence & the Case For Socialism


  • Gerry Carroll, People Before Profit MLA from Belfast
  • Róisín McLaren and Colin Fox, SSP Joint National Spokespeople
  • George Kerevan, Leading SNP socialist & former MP

Will Britain leave the EU on March 29th or not? Whilst MP’s seem paralysed by indecision working class people suffer poverty pay, further insecurity, falling living standards and declining public services.

The Scottish Socialist Party believes none of these concerns will disappear whether we are in the EU or not. History shows that it is only when working people stand up for themselves and resist employers’ attacks that meaningful change occurs.

Independence offers an escape hatch for working people in Scotland to avoid the failed free market philosophy of the UK and EU.

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Brexit, Independence, Workers’ Rights – Stirling SSP

What does Brexit mean for us?
Should we support independence?
Who’s defending our rights?

Join the Stirling University Scottish Socialist Party to discuss these important issues as we approach the ever-foreboding Brexit day which is casting uncertainty across all areas of UK politics.

Whether you’re an expert at all things political, or really have no clue where to begin, you’re welcome to join us.

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Brexit, independence and workers rights

SSP is proud to announce its new websiteby Colin Fox

I spoke on behalf of the Scottish Socialist Party at a public meeting hosted by the Communication Workers Union in Inverness last week. The St Andrews Day event on ‘Brexit, Independence and Workers Rights’ heard me remind people November 30th is also the anniversary of John Maclean’s birth.

I pointed out that the SSP stood in the same shoes as the famous Red Clydesider as international socialists who campaigned for Independence because it would be both a defeat for British capitalism and an advance for democracy.

‘British democracy’ faces its most important vote in 50 years next week when Theresa May’s ‘Brexit’ deal comes in front of the Westminster Parliament.

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The Greek Referendum and what happens next?

colin_foxby Colin Fox

The pollsters got it wrong again. Those who predicted Greece would vote ‘Yes’ to austerity ended up with feta on their face. And those who concluded it was ‘too close to call’ were out too. In the end it wasn’t even close, as the ‘No’ to austerity or ‘OXI’ [pronounced ‘Ochi’] campaign won by 61% to 39%. These figures do not make clear that it was those young, unemployed and penniless Greeks who don’t usually vote who responded most decisively to Alexis Tsipras’s call for ‘courage’ and ‘rejection of further austerity’.

Now that the dust has settled on Sunday’s result the magnitude of what Greece has done is startling. Where else in the world has a small country like Greece [population 11million] stood up so defiantly and repeatedly to the most powerful institutions in the world?

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OPINION: Why Oxi means so much more than No

liamby Liam McLaughlan

The Greek people have delivered a resounding, brave, collective No to austerity and the lack of democracy and accountability that surrounds both European and world capitalist institutions. A momentous night in the history of Europe and one that inspires the left across Europe and the world. It, however marks only the beginning of the last chapter in the long struggle between Syriza & the Greek people with the aforementioned institutions of the Troika of the IMF, the ECB and the EU commission (the Troika). What happens next will decide the future of the Euro project and mark a defining moment in the international approach to the end of policy mandated on cuts.

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