Hammond’s pre-Brexit Budget Fails 8.5 million Workers

SSP is proud to announce its new websiteCommenting on Philip Hammond’s budget SSP spokesman Colin Fox said;

“This is a pre-Brexit giveaway budget designed to put pressure on dissident MP’s Remainers and Brexiteers alike on the spot ahead of a likely Westminster vote in December.”

“Chancellor Philip Hammond promises to find £20bn more for the NHS over the next 5 years, £2bn more for mental health services, £420m for potholes and tax cuts for millions but only if Parliament votes for Theresa May’s Brexit deal negotiated with the EU next month. Otherwise all bets are off.

His increase in the minimum wage from £7.83 to £8.21/hour still leaves 8.5 million people on poverty pay. The Government has already conceded that workers need to earn £10 an hour to pay their own rent,

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Tory Thieves and Liars make a ‘Living Wage’ a Pay Cut

richieby Richie Venton

It should come as no surprise, but Tory Chancellor George Osborne is not only a thief but a brazen liar.

He unleashed naked class war on the working class in his Emergency Budget on 8 July, whilst conjuring up a contrick that a master magician would eat his heart out for. The headline-grabbing talk of a ‘National Living Wage’ is a cynical attempt to throw dust in people’s eyes, to blind them to the Tories’ theft of incomes from low-paid workers, young people and parents with the audacity to have more than two children.


This Budget was a bloodcurdling awakening to anyone who thinks ‘class’

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Whose Budget? Not Ours.

sandra_850x450by Sandra Webster

It is traditional for the chancellor to have a whisky as he delivers his budget. A stiff drink for someone bearing glad tidings. I hope it was water and not vodka Osborne was knocking back, though perhaps it was a gift from a non-dom Russian. Today I noted the delight in Osborne’s face as he delivered news and announcements that will impact on so many working class lives.

He made no apologies for preying on the most vulnerable. New claimants in the Employment Support Allowance placed in the “Work-related Activity” group will see their payments slashed to be the same as those on Job Seekers Allowance. Tax credits will be confined to the first two children in a family.

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Only United Action can defeat Tory ‘Class War’ Budget

colin_foxCommenting on the latest round of Tory austerity SSP national spokesperson Colin Fox said:

“This budget underlines the SSP’s warning that this is government of and for the rich determined to slash benefits and services for the many to protect the privileges of the rich minority.”

“According to Osborne a high wage is £7.20 per hour when the Government itself admits you need to be making £10 an hour now to pay your own way and stop qualifying for top-up benefits.”

“Alongside this wages con comes slashed benefits and even more tax cuts and perks for the rich.”

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The Morning before the Budget

sandra_850x450by Sandra Webster

There has been cause for celebration this week. The people of Greece voted for an end to austerity being enforced on them. Austerity, capitalism’s choice weapon of war against the poor, people with disabilities and long term health conditions and those who care. All the groups who it seems wil be in the firing line of tomorrow’s “emergency” budget. I am dreading what lies ahead. No referendum, no democracy for us just vicious cuts.

Within two weeks of the Tory majority this “emergency” budget was declared – emergency means red lights, a warning. There is no need for such language to frighten us into a corner of the Tories making.

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