Evict The Tories – Not Tenants!

by Richie Venton

“I moved from a two bedroom house to a three, because as well as my 3-year-old I have three stepsons who live with us a few days a week.

“The council said I qualified for that size of house, but now months later I am being hammered by the Bedroom Tax, because my husband doesn’t get any of the child benefits for his sons.

“On top of that my husband is ill. He had a heart attack at work, was declared fit after three months, went back to work and had another attack.

“We need an extra bedroom for me to sleep because he suffers COPD and it’s impossible to sleep in the same room.

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Scottish Socialist Voice – Issue 414

Download Scottish Socialist Voice Issue 414Welcome to the Scottish Socialist Voice – Issue 414, in this week’s issue we have a Bedroom Tax Special.  As the ConDems try to make April Fools of us all, join us and the people as we take to the street to fight back.

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The Scotsman NewspaperEdinburgh SSP activist Paul Jordan had an edited version of his letter below published today in The Scotsman and The Herald.  The SSP has been campaigning to scrap the ‘bedroom tax’, with streets stalls and public meetings seeing huge support from the public.

I welcome the news that SNP councils will defy Westminster and refuse to evict families who fall into arrears due to this hated tax. The fight-back must be built further. People being forced further into debt is completely unacceptable. This adds yet more fear and uncertainty into the lives of the most vulnerable and financially hard-pressed amongst us. Would an Independent Scotland vote for a Government committed to such ruthless attacks? A 72-year-old woman was amongst those that signed the petition on saturday,

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New Website Launch for 2013

SSP is proud to announce its new websiteWelcome to the Scottish Socialist Party’s new website. We hope you enjoy its many exciting new features and enhanced backroom operations.  As you can see it highlights many of the political campaigns the Scottish Socialist Party is involved in.

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