Tories Admit Guilt – But Continue Insecure Work Crimes

by Richie Venton

When is a radical new package of workers’ rights nothing of the kind? When it’s announced by a besieged Tory government, increasingly bombarded by public anger at the horrendous insecurity of jobs and workplace rights in Britain.

Theresa May is today trumpeting a package of measures that her spin doctors describe as “the most radical upgrade of rights at work in a generation”. Let’s look behind the manufactured headlines.

They plan legislation that insists employers issue a “statement of rights” from the first day of a worker’s employment – including what paid leave they are entitled to for illness, maternity and paternity.

Anything that improves transparency in worker’s rights is welcome.

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Edinburgh Fringe: Wheel of Misfortune

Lothians branch are highlighting the poverty pay and precarious employment practices that shame the Fringe and wider Scottish economy.

The Wheel of Mis-Fortune is always turning, but what tales of woe from employment in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe will it predict for you? Will you ‘volunteer’ for full shifts as a steward? Get 60p an hour as a flyer? Or get turfed out of your flat, so the landlord can rent it out during the festival?

Come spin the wheel on Saturday 25th at 12 noon outside the Scottish Parliament.

Comedian Mark Thomas and trade union testimony will accompany the opportunity to find our your unlucky festival employment story. Prizes to be won!

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Solidarity Protests with TGI Friday’s Strikers… on Friday!

by Richie Venton, SSP trade union organiser

Here’s a tip: pay a minimum £10-an-hour to all your staff from your profits – not by dipping into the tips left by generous customers!

That’s the message the SSP will be sending the bosses of TGI Friday’s, this Friday, as we stage street protests in support of striking staff.

“Thank God It’s Friday!”

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Thirty Pence is not Enough!

by Calum Martin

People who have spent a little time in Edinburgh will know the SSP Living Wage campaigns regularly on Princes Street. Sunday the 1st of April saw the Lothians branch pull off something a little different. On Easter Sunday, the Minimum Wage for those over 25 rose by about 30p, up to £7.83. If you are 25 or over you are legally guaranteed that in the workplace. If your employer is paying you less, they are breaking the law.

Rising Cost Of Living

Yet there are glaring omissions in this news. Not only are people under 25 missing from the increase, but there is still at least £2.17 per hour also missing.

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Appeal to Scotland’s ‘Corbynistas’

Join with Scotland’s already-existing socialist party

Richie_13-09-2015by Richie Venton, SSP national workplace organiser

The SSP welcomes the massive boost to public debate around left-wing, anti-austerity, anti-war, socialist ideas that Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership challenge and current re-election campaign has triggered. We welcome the emergence of those new activists motivated to defend Jeremy from the vitriolic attacks of the capitalists, their media and their treacherous cabal of supporters in Labour’s right wing.

Since our formation in 1998, the SSP has fearlessly defended socialism – whilst Scottish Labour has acted as barely-disguised Tories, abandoning the aims of Keir Hardie and countless other pioneers, slashing council jobs and services, threatening to jail workers who dared to strike against their municipal butchery,

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OECD: Casualisation and Poverty Pay cause real UK wages Slump

colin_foxby Colin Fox

A shocking analysis from the TUC – using data from from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has found that workers in Britain, virtually alone across 35 OECD nations, have seen average wages plunge in value since 2007. Only workers in the crisis hit economies of Greece and Portugal have also seen average wages fall during the last decade.

By contrast average wages in all 35 countries surveyed grew by 6.7%, in Germany they grew by 13.9% and in Poland by 23%.

The wage slump in Britain – which took place under both Labour and Tory Westminster Governments – is explained by the loss of full-time jobs that enjoyed trade union protection and higher rates of pay have been replaced by casualisation with part-time zero hour contracts,

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SSP national spokesman Colin Fox today described the Scottish Government’s Legislative programme as “timid’ adding it represented merely ‘more warm words which leave ingrained social equality untouched”.

Colin said :

colin_fox“Where’s the beef? The First Minister made much of the 500 firms signed up to her £7.85 an hour ‘real living wage’ but omitted to say that even official Westminster figures show working people need to be earning £10/hour to pay their own way and stop qualifying for top up benefits. Nicola Sturgeon needs to do far better than this if poverty pay is to be eradicated in Scotland.”

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