Support the Campaign for a National Care Service

Are you a care worker? Do you receive care in Scotland, or do you have a loved one who has? Are you interested in the future of care? We’re calling on your support.

Because in January 2021, an expert panel will report on a National Care Service in Scotland.

So Scotland needs to hear your voice. That is why we are raising funds to commission a Panelbase opinion poll. We want to show support for a National Care Service. Publicly-owned, publicly-funded, and free at the point of need, like our NHS.

We need your support to raise £1,200 to fund an opinion poll on Scotland’s system of care, and the National Care Service. We need your support whether you are a carer, receive care, or are just interested in the debate about care in Scotland.

Your support wins real change for carers and those receiving care.

Why Everyone Should Care About Care

As Scotland’s population expands and gets older, our care needs are only going to grow and grow. So, we will all depend on care at some stage in life, whether as a carer, a service user, or a loved one of someone receiving care. Nobody can afford to not care about care.

So we all agree that we need a care system fit for the 21st century. We need one that can ensure our growing care needs are met. It is vital that we have a system that provides for carers, protects service users, and restores control and accountability in local care.

Therefore, it’s essential that the Scottish Government hears what the public has to say. Only you can make sure that they deliver a real plan for real change in Scotland’s system of care.

Your support will help make sure that Government delivers.

Care Crisis Demands Real Answers and Real Change

There is a crisis in care in Scotland. Over 2000 care home residents have lost their lives to COVID-19 after hospital patients were hastily transfered into the most vulnerable environments.

Care workers have faced the Coronavirus crisis head-on while dealing with a lack of PPE, a lack of testing, poverty pay wages, and dangerous working conditions. Britain’s big private care firms move £1.5bn to offshore tax havens every year while pleading poverty and implementing austerity as individual care debts soar.

So there is a serious debate to be had about the nature and future of care in Scotland, and the need for a National Care Service.

Your support makes sure that you are heard in that debate.

Why Your Support Matters

You know that political parties represent the people that fund them. That is why we don’t have billionaire backers or big corporate donors; we only rely on the support and generosity of working-class communities.

So that’s why we make sure that your investment in us is an investment in you. We’re standing up for working-class communities in Scotland, and flying the flag for a publicly-owned National Care Service.

Your support enables us to get your voice heard.