Download Scottish Socialist Voice Issue 423As the Liberal Democrats prepare to hold their annual UK conference in Glasgow, a mass protest against the hated Bedroom Tax plans to greet them.

In this issue, the Scottish Socialist Party’s Campbell Martin points out that in North Ayrshire alone, some 1,765 tenants facing higher rent charges – because they’re deemed to have a “spare room” are looking for a one-bedroom property in a local authority area where there are only eight such properties available. Voice editor Ken Ferguson interviews the No2BedroomTax campaign’s Alan Wyllie, and Richie Venton urges tenants and workers, trade unionists and socialists to combine in mass action against the unfair tax which targets the most vulnerable.

Sandra Webster also looks at how we can help each other as the Coalition cuts continue to bite, and how little victories can keep activists determined in their fight to axe the Bedroom Tax.