For peace and international co-operation

International solidarity

The Scottish Socialist Party fights for a Scotland which seeks a relationship with the wider world based on cooperation, peace and solidarity with our fellow human beings.

We will campaign for socialism in Scotland and offer friendship and support to those working to the same ends across the world – to those resisting neoliberalism, military occupation, genocide, national and cultural oppression.

We fully support the Palestinians in their struggle for self-determination against US-sponsored brutality; the Colombian trade unionists in their battles for justice against against Coca-Cola; the left wing governments in Venezuela, Cuba and other Latin American countries which are standing up to the might of the USA; the indigenous peoples across the world fighting back against racism; the anti-war and pro-peace organisations; the green groups and coops; all those whose tireless fight against injustice forms a string of lights across the world that will one day illuminate it whole.

We fight for peace and for the people to inherit the earth.

In a devolved Scotland the SSP is committed to implementing the following:

  • Solidarity with those forces in the Arab world struggling for democracy, progress and against the oppression of pro-western dictatorships.
  • Solidarity with all those resisting globalisation and neo-liberalism world­wide, including trade unionists, anti-poverty campaigners, national liberation movements, environmentalists, and small farmers’ and peasants’ movements.
  • Ethical procurement policies by all public bodies, and opposition to the award of contracts to companies who fail to observe basic ethical standards on child labour, poverty pay and environmental degradation.
  • Support for the stance of those governments resisting globalisation and imperialism, such as in Cuba and Venezuela and for the peoples around the globe struggling for self-determination.
  • Support for the Palestinian people in their just fight for an independent homeland; and for Israeli dissidents and peace campaigners.
  • Support for all other peoples struggling for national self-determination.
  • Agricultural and industrial subsidies and grants distributed in Scotland to be vetted to ensure they do not contribute to increased impoverishment or environmental degradation overseas.

We will also campaign for the following measures, which are not within the Scottish Parliament’s powers:

  • Fair trade country status for Scotland.
  • The immediate and total cancellation of debt from the poor countries of the Third World to the rich countries of the First World.
  • International pressure to abolish the United Nations’ Security Council and to democratise the General Assembly – the sovereign body of the UN.
  • The refoundation of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) as a Fair Trade Organisation (FTO) – ensuring minimum environmental and social standards are met in internationally traded products. This new organisation would be democratic – and the system of ‘green room’ decision making, where more powerful countries plan strategies in private – would be banned.
  • The replacement of international lending institutions such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund with an international clearing organisation – to ensure debts are written off and reparation paid to countries who have suffered at the hands of the current system.
  • Full support for the introduction of a Tobin-like tax on all cross-border commercial transactions, reducing a major cause of economic instability and providing a fund for international development.
  • A new and radical style of open and transparent diplomacy, with all negotiations and deliberations to be held in public.
  • A truly internationalist Scotland that welcomes refugees and supports all those struggling worldwide against political, economic and national oppression.
  • The withdrawal of Scotland from NATO and the initiation of an international campaign for its abolition.
  • The funding of schemes to encourage young Scots to teach and work on overseas development projects.
  • A worldwide alliance of socialist and progressive political parties, trade unions and grassroots organisations.
  • Scotland to be an international force for peace not war, for social justice not corporate profit.

War and peace

In a devolved Scotland the SSP is committed to campaign for the following:

  • A declaration by the Scottish Parliament calling for the immediate withdrawal of UK troops from Afghanistan.
  • A declaration by the Scottish Parliament opposing any UK involvement in US or NATO led military action against Iran, North Korea or anywhere else.
  • A declaration from the Scottish Parliament opposing the use of Scottish airports and airspace for US “rendition” and secret torture flights, or the transportation of military personnel and hardware.
  • The transportation of nuclear warheads on Scotland’s roads, railways and waterways to be prohibited.

We will also campaign for the following measures, which are not within the Scottish Parliament’s powers:

  • The removal of all nuclear weapons from Scotland.
  • Scotland’s overall military budget to brought into line per capita with that of the Republic of Ireland with the savings diverted to vital public services.
  • Guaranteed employment and/or retraining with no loss of pay for workers who would no longer be employed in the defence industry and special funding earmarked for local communities currently dependent on defence spending.



2 thoughts on “For peace and international co-operation

  1. I would vote for most of your domestic policies. However, I oppose the break with the rest of the UK. We have too many ties with the people of England, Wales and Northern Ireland particularly in the trade unions and other working class institutions to become foreigners to them. My wife is English, as is at least half of our extended family independence has now become a divisive idea especially now as the Corbyn led Labour Party is making gains in England. If it wasn’t for Scottish results in the recent election we would now have a socialist government.

    1. Laurie,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Divisiveness means that people disagree, and care about the outcome. It is not inherently a bad thing. The arguments about ties are valid and welcome, but it also follows that there is nothing inherently isolationist or reductionist about choosing your own government.

      Supporting Scotland’s democratic right to self-determination doesn’t make anyone nationalist, it makes you a democrat. And solidarity with the rest of the UK does not necessitate outsourcing that democracy.

      We have had this argument – and any time spent studying Scottish politics shows that it’s clearly unresolved business. The Scottish Socialist Party supported, and continue to support independence as it represents a clear, material stepping stone towards localising democracy and reforming the political system to better empower communities and working class people. Also because any attempt to maintain and preserve the imperialist capitalist monarchist British state in its current form has to be viewed with the utmost suspicion – Corbyn or no Corbyn.

      Independence offers clear material gains. Corbyn has to win elsewhere for any kind of gains.

      And that includes his own party – therefore, I do not agree you would have a socialist government had 13 constituencies in Scotland not gone unionist/Conservative. You’d have a very unstable coalition of neoliberals, Blairites and people who would have made even the welcome, if modest reforms in Labour’s manifesto politically difficult, let alone dealing with the modern turbulence of a hard Brexit, and the British state’s reactionary elements in the legal establishment, state bureaucracy and armed forces. They are not simply awaiting parliamentary capture by a Labour Party with a left leader – they will resist, turbulently and violently.

      The sabotage and onslaught from the capitalists, their media, and Labour’s internal right-wing enemies of socialism is a warning that halfway measures won’t succeed in winning a transformation of lives for the working-class majority. Even the modest reforms promised by Corbyn would require full-blooded socialist measures to succeed.

      And that’s not forthcoming from even Scottish Labour – they have to show they understand the nature of the national question, and profess useful, valid and a workable solution to even overtake the Conservatives.

      Lastly, what kind of genuine internationalism can be based upon the idea that the people you have most in common with are those you share a border with? Our ties run deeper than sharing a passport. People living in Scotland will still bolster and support pickets in England, we will still support movements for social justice in the rest of the UK after independence. There is nothing at all about solidarity and our social ties that inherently demands or requires lasting political union.

      All the very best,


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