Building a Better Scotland


The SSP is striving to create an independent, nuclear-free, multi-cultural, Scottish socialist republic.

That is a long term goal. In the short term, we can take a mighty leap forward towards that goal by breaking free of the suffocating stranglehold of the British state.

The SSP has never hidden its socialist politics. We are a working class party that stands up for ordinary people against big business and the rich. Our flag is deepest red.

But we work with other parties on the immediate objective of independence.

The SSP was the first party in Scotland to sign up to the cross-party Independence Convention, which now draws together the SSP, the SNP, the Greens and a range of individuals.

Should we remain dependent on pocket money from London? Should we continue to be dragged into the inferno of war by a government which we cannot deselect?

Should we continue to tolerate in our midst a nuclear arsenal capable of wiping out a million years of evolution?

Should we continue to accept dawn raids and forced deportation of our children?

Or should we move forward into the 21st century as an independent nation state that can engage directly with the wider world beyond the English Channel and the North Sea?

For the SSP, the answer is clear.

Because the working class majority will be politically, socially and economically better off.
Because the working class majority will be politically, socially and economically better off.

But we are democrats. It is not for politicians to decide Scotland’s future. It is the people who must decide.

Scotland and the union

In a devolved Scotland the SSP is committed to campaign for the following:

  • For a “Yes” vote in any independence referendum.
  • Support for the cross-party Independence Convention.

We will also campaign for the following measures, which are not within the Scottish Parliament’s powers:

  • A directly elected Constitutional Assembly, representative of Scotland’s regional, gender and ethnic diversity to draw up options for a new constitution for Scotland, which would be put to a further referendum vote.
  • Scrap Trident Campaign WebsiteA nuclear-free Scotland that is outside of NATO
  • Military spending to be reduced to no more than the per capita level of the Republic of Ireland, which would mean slashing the defence budget by £2.5 billion.
  • A new relationship with the European Union which would safeguard Scotland’s independence.
  • All individuals living in Scotland to be entitled to full Scottish citizenship, irrespective of national origin.
  • A socialist Scotland based on the principles of equality, democracy, liberty, generosity and solidarity.


In a devolved Scotland the SSP is committed to campaigning for  the following:

  • The introduction of participatory democracy at community level by establishing local assemblies with the power to make and veto decisions that affect their community.
  • An increase in the maximum number of councillors per ward from 4 to 6, to allow greater proportionality and more representative local government.
  • Greater use of referenda to allow ordinary people a say in controversial decisions.

We will also campaign for the following measures, which are not within the Scottish Parliament’s powers:

  • The abolition of the monarchy and all its structural and ideological supports, including the offensive ceremony whereby elected MSPs are forced to swear an oath of allegiance to an unelected monarch.
  • No unelected second chamber
  • The official mascot of the open source Linux kernel, Tux.
    The official mascot of the open source Linux kernel, Tux.

    All elections to be conducted under a genuinely proportional system, and the scrapping of the anti-democratic first-past-the-post system.

  • The reduction of the voting and candidacy age to 16 – for all elections.
  • The extension of the right to vote to people who are homeless and to those who are in prison.
  • Participatory democracy in the workplace.
  • Support for the open source software movement and for all public bodies to use open source software where available and appropriate.

Header photo by Craig Maclean

3 thoughts on “Building a Better Scotland

  1. Surely socialism cannot be achieved along nationalist lines. I live in England and support virtually all the policies of the Scottish Socialist Party with the exception of independence for Scotland whilst remaining in the EU. Socialists oppose the EU because of its capitalist nature and its imposition of austerity policies no one voted for in addition to the EU and its institutions being fundamentally undemocratic. There never will be socialism in Scotland whilst Scotland remains a part of the capitalist EU as it is presently constructed and there is nothing Scotland can do about it (a united socialist states of Europe is an entirely different proposition and one I would support). However I do believe that socialism will come to Scotland one day but as part of the wider struggle across the whole of Britain and Europe. Nationalism has never served the interests of the working class and never will, it is international working class solidarity that will bring success and socialism to Scotland and England and Poland etc etc etc.

    1. The more I read of SSP policies and ideals, the more I am becoming convinced, practically everything I am reading is really, and I mean REALLY striking a chord. It’s really like an outlet for the anger and frustration I am feeling right now with this farce that is Britain. One thing I am struggling with though, is the anti monarchy allegiance statement – not that I am a hardcore Royalist, not by any means – but I’m ex-Army, so I had to swear allegiance to the Queen when I joined up. I don’t regret this, but I feel that having done so makes me somewhat at odds with this element of the policy. I never give my word lightly, after all, a man (or woman) is judged by the value of their word, so to renounce this oath doesn’t sit well with me. Would this be held against me in the SSP, were I to express an interest in joining?

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