National Conference 2018

At the SSP National Conference 2018, after full hustings for contested posts and statements from the nominees, the party elected its office-bearers.

The 2018/2019 members of the committee are as follows:

Colin Fox, Paul Sheridan of The Wakes and Róisín McLaren at post-conference celebration. (Photo: Sandra Webster)

Joint National Spokespeople: Colin Fox, Róisín McLaren

National co-Chairs: Calum Martin, Christine McVicar

National Secretary: Hugh Cullen

National Treasurer and Membership Secretary: Jim McVicar

National Workplace and Trade Union Organiser: Richie Venton

International Secretary: Bill Bonnar

National Press Officer: Ken Ferguson

Social Media Coordinator: Scott Macdonald

Photos: Craig Maclean

Members also elected seven women and seven men by single transferable vote to serve on the committee:

Carly Cunningham
Frances Curran
Dawn Fyfe
Debora Kayembe
Louise McDermott
Rosa Stevenson
Suzanne Wright

Andy Brown
Ashab Ahmad
Colin Turbett
Kevin McVey
Liam McLaughlan
Morgan Lewis Wilson
Steve Hudson

The Scottish Socialist Party thanks the comrades vacating the committee for their service, warmly welcomes the new executive committee, and looks forward to implementing successful conference resolutions and class action in the near future.

Main Photo: Craig Maclean