Executive Committee election results

At our National Conference, we elect an executive committee whose primary responsibility is to take the instructions of our membership and implement them within the party framework.

Their job is to work closely; to implement the decisions made by the membership and agreed strategy, determine the party strategy in the following year in the face of strong analysis of the Scottish political situation, devise responses and solutions to concerns and chart out the course of action for the party.

Following the national conference ballot – our national executive is as follows:

Our elected joint national spokespeople, Colin Fox and Katie Bonnar
Our elected joint national spokespeople, Colin Fox and Katie Bonnar

National Secretary: Bill Bonnar

National co-chairs: Calum Martin and Natalie Reid

Joint national spokespersons: Colin Fox and Katie Bonnar

National Treasurer: Jim McVicar

International Secretary: Sophia Lycouris

Membership Secretary: Joanne Thomson

Trade Union Organiser: Richie Venton

Scottish Socialist Voice editor / Press Officer: Ken Ferguson

Social Media co-ordinator: Scott Macdonald

Female list: Christine McVicar, Frances Curran, Megan McCulloch, Sandra Webster, Liz Swan, Jenni Gunn and Maria Feeney

Male list: Andrew Kinnell, Connor Beaton, Hugh Cullen, Liam McLaughlan, Kevin McVey, John Miller, Sean Baillie