Railworkers Voice – RMT support

SSP PDF downloadThe battle for train safety through keeping the guards has won a big breakthrough but it’s not over, and further negotiations this Tuesday/Wednesday could either lead to more concessions and a settlement or revived strikes – and either way, much debate amongst rail workers.

– the leaflet tries to puncture some of ScotRail bosses’ latest lies, assess what the marvellous strikes have achieved so far, and – critically – carefully point towards the tactics needed to win more as talks continue.

– it unashamedly highlights the track record of the SSP compared to the SNP, including the role of our comrades in ASLEF, as hundreds of rail workers see through the SNP and express their admiration for the role of the SSP in the battle to keep the guards.

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Where is the SNP going on fracking?

by Allan Grogan

Thomas Carlyle once wrote that “the greatest of faults… is to be conscious of none”.

I am often reminded of this as I see the Scottish Government attempt to be all things to all people, while rarely stating the hand they wish to play.

Nowhere is this more evident than in their position on fracking as a viable energy source for Scotland.

Throughout the referendum, the Yes movement attracted people from a plethora of movements, parties, and political campaigns—nationalists, socialists, and environmentalists joined forces with campaigns to bin the Bedroom Tax, ban the bomb and many more, including the campaign to outlaw fracking of shale gas and coal bed methane.

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Energy companies tax the poor

sandra_850x450by Sandra Webster, SSP national co-spokesperson

A new government, and will anything change? Politicians may eloquently preach about life with fuel poverty meanwhile it was announced that under the coalition 30,000 prepayment meters had been fitted without the consent of the individual.

There are very few people who can gain access to your house without permission. These include police with a warrant and workmen from energy companies who can gain access to one’s home and fit a prepayment meter. The Labour Party’s record is not much better. In 1999 it was reported that again 30,000 people had been forced into a prepayment meter, with 24,000 of these authorised by court action. This is fuel possession.

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Podcast: The Marionette’s Pageant

Socialist voices is available FREE to download from ITunes.

On Socialist Voices this time, Matthew Geraghty on the Marionettes Pageant that was the Queen’s Speech, Sandra Webster, Co-spokes person for the SSP on the SSP led demos last Wednesday, Co-spokesperson Colin Fox on the Scotland Bill, Don Mackeen on the continuing saga of Alistair Carmichael MP, Debra Torrance sells Vuvuzelas two for a pound, Michael Greenwell interviews SSP member and co-founder of Labour for Independence, Allan Grogan and Calum Martin on the Chartists.

Music from:

The Exiles

The Cundeez

Joe Solo


St Christopher’s Medal

Milton Star

Thee Faction

The Wakes

Steve White and the Protest Family

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From Spain to Scotland, the power of money must be tamed

by Ken Ferguson

As the Tories unveil their assault on vital services, democratic rights and trade unions amidst the establishment pomp of the Queen’s speech, the need for resistance to this no-mandate government grows ever more urgent.

And the sweeping left gains in Spain’s regional elections by Podemos and related forces following the election of Syriza – now in the very crucible of struggle between people and profit – earlier this year, is surely clear evidence of the fact that the unfettered power of money can and must be challenged.

Here in Scotland, despite the SNP Westminster landslide, we face a growing assault from a government rejected by Scottish voters but determined to impose its neoliberal will on behalf of the bankers and speculators at the expense of workers,

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Expanding Scottish Socialist Voice needs your input

by Ken Ferguson, Voice editor, and Christine McVicar, distribution organiser

The Scottish Socialist Voice is the only socialist paper written, published and printed in Scotland and has, since 1996, both reported the news and played a significant role in mobilising activity in struggles such as the anti-war movement, the Yes campaign and the ongoing anti-austerity movement.

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Scottish Socialist Voice latest issue 450

SSP PDF downloadWelcome to issue 450 of the Scottish Socialist Voice – bringing you news of the SSP’s continuing campaign for a £10/hour living wage and an end to zero hour contracts.

Additionally, we have features on factory-farmed food by Roz Paterson, the hidden anti-democratic onslaught in Korea by Connor Beaton and the hypocrisy of world leaders against terrorism.

You can download now – we also publish back issues and articles.

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Comrades Come Rally: 2014 Party Conference

The first post-referendum conference of the Scottish Socialist Party which met last month in Edinburgh was an inspirational event. Reflecting the flood of new members which the SSP, like the other pro-Yes parties, has experienced, the event was some four times larger than its counterpart in 2013 with many of those present newly joined members.

It was particularly encouraging to see a number of those new members participating and speaking with confidence. A range of decisions were taken including moves to reconstitute the SSP women’s network, support for a citizen’s income and a wide-ranging debate on issues such as the idea of a Yes alliance at the general election and how the left can co-operate in the period ahead.

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