DEFY ALL CUTS: there IS an alternative!

richieby Richie Venton 

The councillors of Scotland are poised to vote YES to another bout of municipal butchery. Council budgets are about to be set across the country, for the next 1-3 years. The common thread in all 32 council areas is cuts: cuts to jobs, cuts to vital services, cuts to the conditions of the workforce.

Tens of millions of pounds are being slashed off local public spending – despite us all being told there’s an economic recovery.

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SSP Podcast: The Greek Report

Welcome to the SSP podcast – a bit of an experiment for us. On the show: why the Scottish Socialist Party will never demonise immigrants, Alan Wyllie on our reasoning for backing and campaigning for a £10 an hour Living Wage, co-spokesperson Sandra Webster on the upcoming cuts. It also features a report from Greece by national co-spokesperson Colin Fox on being an invited guest of Syriza, the radical left party tackling the Greek tragedy of austerity. They are expected to sweep to power this Sunday in the general election.

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SSP puts living wage at centre of general election campaign

Next week the Scottish Socialist Party will announce the seats we will contest in May’s General Election. Each of our candidates will be standing on an unashamedly socialist and pro-working class platform. We will be campaigning for a £10/hour living wage and an end to zero hour contracts, an end to the austerity that see working class people penalised for debts run up by reckless, greedy bankers and support for an independent socialist Scotland which goes hand in hand with our belief in a modern democratic republic.

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Show zero hours contracts the red card

by Calum Martin, Edinburgh South and Midlothian SSP

The start of the New Year: a time of consideration of resolutions for the year ahead. Amidst the crisp weather of the New Year, Scottish Socialist Party activists in Edinburgh got the campaigning season off to a bright start—3 January saw not only the first street campaign stall of New Year on Princes Street, but also Scotland’s first political stunt of 2015.

On the afternoon of the 3rd, SSP activists staged a stunt outside the Sports Direct store at Straiton, saying it was time to “Show Zero-Hours Contracts the Red Card”. Armed with the aforementioned red card placards, leaflets, a good stock of whistles and a pair of referee costumes,

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Why the SSP backs a ‘Citizen’s Income’

by Gerry McCartney and Wendy Macdonald

At its annual conference in Edinburgh last month the SSP decided to campaign for the introduction of a Citizen’s Income (CI) and to do the necessary background research on the right value of the CI and the best way of administering it.

What is a Citizen’s Income? A CI is a guaranteed income paid by government to all citizens which would replace most existing benefits and would be free from means testing. It would be set at a level for adults above the poverty line and a lower level would be paid for children, normally to the mother.

For those in work, it would form part of wages and result in them paying more tax as a result.

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The working class holds the key to the Referendum vote. And the outcome of the Referendum is key to the prospects of better lives for the working class majority population.


So as 18 September looms, all of us who favour the democratic right to self government for the Scottish people, as opposed to Tory dictatorship from Westminster governments effectively elected by the middle class ‘swing voters’ of so-called Middle England, need to demolish the mountain of lies pouring down from the No camp and mainstream media.

And the most dangerous liars of all are Labour politicians; who in the Scottish working class listens to the Tories and their Mini Me LibDems,

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The Case For An Independent Socialist Scotland – free eBook download

SSP PDF download

The Scottish Socialist Party is pleased to bring you our best-selling pamphlet “The Case For an Independent Socialist Scotland” as a free download.

We welcome all to download, share and discuss our arguments against continuing Westminster rule under a neo-liberal warmongering British state elite and our unique vision for an independent socialist Scotland.

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The masks are well and truly off

The doublespeak of the Tory-led coalition started before the general election. “We will protect the most vulnerable” stated David Cameron. Usually these words were accompanied by pictures of his son Ivan. I shall not bring this wee boy into it, but for all of us parents of children with disabilities, we know that we have become more compassionate towards others. I am surely not alone in hoping that Cameron understood our daily struggles. Unfortunately, we were lied to. Cameron and his Department of Work and Pensions generals: Iain Duncan Smith and Esther McVey seem content to dismantle the welfare state – and all the supports the most vulnerable depend on.

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