TV Appearances – Discussing Syriza

Scotland Tonight: 26/01/15

A discussion on the challenges and opportunities facing Greece after the landslide victory by radical left party Syriza. Dr. George Karyotis, John Edward and Colin Fox provide their perspectives.

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Celebrating the SSP: a film

Written, edited and directed by Alan Ferguson – this short film covers the Scottish Socialist Party’s efforts in Yes Scotland. The socialist wing of the community-led campaign for Scottish Independence.

Featuring Sandra Webster, Richie Venton, Colin Fox, Jenni Gunn, Katie Bonnar, Lewis Akers and dozens of other comrades who fought long and hard to get us to 45%.

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Crowdfunding appeal

The Scottish Socialist Party is currently running its biggest campaign ever.

We’ve been active across Scotland – from Ayr to Aberdeen and beyond – with street stalls, public activity, meetings, and door-to-door canvassing. Whether as part of Yes Scotland, RIC, or working independently, we have received a positive response to our campaign work and canvassing and have received requests from all over Scotland for SSP campaign material.

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Colin Fox – BBC News 09/06/2014

National co-spokesperson of the party, Colin Fox, interviewed on the BBC after an intervention by Gordon Brown. A spot of polling analysis, myth-scotching and presenting the positive vision for an independent Scotland.

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