Video: 20th June Public Meeting – Fighting Austerity

Chaired by the co-chair of the SSP, Wendy MacDonald – and speakers include:

  • Sandra Webster: National co-spokesperson of the SSP
  • Bryan Reynolds from the RMT – fighting the attacks on Calmac workers
  • Stuart Graham – from Unison, one of the Glasgow Homeless caseworkers on strike.
  • Richie Venton: The SSP’s national workplace organiser.

With gracious thanks to Frankie Tervit for taping this wonderfully attended meeting.

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General Election 2015: The Westminster Establishment Money Fight

“Over the course of the 2015 General Election the four Westminster parties are set to spend tens of millions of pounds telling us there is no alternative to the brutal austerity we currently face. We’re here to say that there is an alternative. For a party that will put people before profit, vote Scottish Socialist Party”

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Colin Fox: Manifesto Launch

Our national co-spokesperson and candidate for Edinburgh South, Colin Fox – speaking on the need for a £10 living wage, and an end to zero hour contracts.

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