Osborne’s Folly: Trident must be scrapped

Chancellor George Osborne has unveiled £500m for the future of the Faslane nuclear submarine base.

Mr Osborne said the cash will fund the construction of related projects as it hosts the country’s submarine fleet.

The Scottish Socialist Party’s national co-spokesperson and peace activist Sandra Webster comments: “Today has demonstrated how out of touch the Westminster government is with the majority of the people of Scotland who oppose nuclear weapons and the presence of Trident on the Clyde. The action to fund instruments and delivery systems of mass civilian slaughter against the will of the people of Scotland feels like that of an occupying force.”

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by Allan Armstrong RCN

Steve Kaczynski has been held in a Turkish prison since April 2nd. He was taken, along with centre workers and the best-selling political band Grup Yorum, in a raid on the Idil Cultural Centre in the Ortaköy district of Istanbul. Steve has not been charged with any offense, has been held in severe isolation, and has been on hunger strike.

Steve is originally from West Lothian. He worked in England as a journalist before moving back to Scotland.  Steve became an active member of the Scottish Socialist Party in Edinburgh and joined the RCN. Steve took a particular interests in the struggles of the Turkish Left, and attended international symposia organised to challenge Turkey’s brutal prison system,

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Scottish Socialist Party to Affiliate with New Left Alliance

Today at the SSP National Council, members voted in favour of the party becoming an affiliate of a new electoral alliance for the Scottish elections next year.

Party Co-spokesperson, Sandra Webster highlighted the potential for socialism to grow in this alliance.

“At our NC today the comrades present voted to enter an alliance with the soon to be renamed Scottish Left Project. All of our comrades should be proud of their passionate discussion and resolution. The SSP look forward to being at the heart of the alliance hoping socialists may be elected to Holyrood in 2016. I look forward to continuing to build the SSP and building a movement that is truly grassroots.”

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Scottish Socialists to turn up the heat on Class War Tories

The Scottish Socialist Party plans a series of protests across the four corners of Scotland as the Tory government announces its Budget this Wednesday 8th July.

SSP national trade union organiser Richie Venton, who is coordinating the actions outlined the purpose of street protests targeting the Tories.

“Wednesday 8 July will go down as one of the worst days in modern times, as George Osborne declares The Tory Butchers’ Budget. “

” He will hammer low-paid part-time workers with £5bn cuts to Tax Credits – after telling people to get out and find a job.
“The Tory Budget will hand the rich another £1bn through inheritance tax changes, but rob the poorly-paid, sick and disabled of £12bn.

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PRESS RELEASE: Greek Referendum Victory


SSP National spokesman Colin Fox said:

“Greece’s Syriza government has stood up to the Troika’s economic terror tactics and won the backing of the Greek people despite them.”

Colin, who met Alexis Tsipras during January’s election campaign continued:

“Syriza won despite being prevented from implementing their 7 point anti austerity programme because they stood up to the threats of European bankers the IMF and their house trained supporters in Europe’s political elite.”

“That elite must now take heed of the powerful new mandate against their blackmailing that the result gives the Syriza government. More widely, the result is a warning to pro-austerity governments across Europe including here in the UK where Osborne will reveal his class war budget on Wednesday.”

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SSP backs Syriza Scotland Demo


SYRIZA Scotland is calling a rally outside the office of the European Commission in Edinburgh at 12 noon on Saturday the 4th of July. SSP members will join the protest in solidarity with the Greek people.

The Scottish Socialist Party has called for support for a demonstration backing the Greek government outside the EU Commission offices in Alva Street, Edinburgh on Saturday.

The Scottish Socialist Party has declared its backing for a No vote in Sunday’s referendum and called on the avowedly anti austerity SNP government to do likewise.

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‘Better to break the rules than break the poor’ 

The Scottish Socialist Party today declared its solidarity and support for the Syriza Government in Greece ahead of Sunday’s referendum and called on the SNP to do likewise.

colin_foxSSP spokesman Colin Fox told us ‘Greece’s ongoing battle against crippling indebtedness and imposed neo-liberal austerity reaches a crossroads today. And the Greek people need the support of working people everywhere as never before.

For the first time a payment due to the ‘Troika’ [IMF/ECB/EU] today has not been made. The Syriza Government faced a clear choice and has rightly chosen to defy the moneymen rather than heap further misery on the impoverished Greek people.

The 1.6bn Euro debt to the International Monetary Fund due is a minor detail.

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The Scottish Socialist Party is today disappointed and dismayed by the Scottish Government’s commitment to retaining the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Act.

In the University of Stirling report and statistics into the effect of the Act, it showed that conviction rates since introduction in 2012 are as low as 22% with only 143 convictions from 664 charges in relation to section 1 of the Act.

In addition, only 16 of those resulted in a football banning order, highlighting the highly disproportionate response from Police Scotland in the implementation of this Act to what are often petty and low-grade offences, if an offence has occurred at all.  The threating communications part of the Act has also only seen 36 people charged,

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