In today’s podcast (on the day Scotland saw an eclipse of the sun!): Allan Grogan, co-founder of Labour For Independence and now SSP, talking about how the SNP majority council through in Dundee is now letting down the majority working class yes voters; Ron Mackay on the increasing danger of nuclear war; Calum Martin on how Scottish Politics were changed by the French revolution; Beinn Irbhinn on splitting the Yes vote and Hollie Cameron on how social media and the main stream media may be putting off powerful political women from coming to the fore.

We have music from Scottish bands The Cundeez and Button Up, Joe Solo and Lead Belly.

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SSP Podcast: I am here as the accuser, of Capitalism dripping with blood from head to foot


In this weeks podcast:

The  CD no lefty should be without… (buy it HERE)

SSP co-spokesperson, Sandra Webster on the recent victory of grassroots activists in Renfrewshire, Don Mackeen on the recent history, sociology and politics of the mainstream media, Alessio Gentile on Poverty porn, Calum Martin continues his journey through left wing history today with a piece on the first French republic, and Neil Anderson brings to life John Maclean’s famous 1918 speech from the dock.

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SSP Podcast: The Arbrothians Smokie Radical Party…

In today’s podcast: land reform from Russia, Colin Fox on UKIP and the SSP’s new pamphlet on the right wing party, Lewis Akers on pay discrimination, The SNP’s Debra Torrance on an Arbrothians Smokie Radical Party; Jenni Gunn on mental health and Calum Martin continues his series on lefty history with a piece on the French Revolution.

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SSP Podcast: Council Budgets, Red Clydeside & the Stirling Revolution…


In this weeks SSP Podcast we have some history from Katie Bonnar and Calum Martin – Calum starts a weekly series on a history of the left called “Making the flag Red; Struggle and Democracy Through History.

Cat Boyd from the ISG will be giving her view on left unity and in particular on the Scottish Left Project.

Hollie Cameron tells us about a major SSP victory in Stirling University.

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SSP Podcast: The one with more politics…

And what a happy grabbag we have for you this week!

On this week’s show, we have members from Glasgow Central branch on zero-hours contracts, wages in the NHS and Don McKeen with an invite to what sounds like a really interesting talk at the Yes Bar. We also have Jenni Gunn speaking about everyday sexism, Beinn Irbhinn on aspects of our socialist language, Wendy MacDonald on policy of the Citizen’s Income and – as the SSP does not claim to have a monopoly on socialism, yet – we welcome our guest Debra Torrance (@FewArePict) from the Scottish National Party on sustainable energy and hot tubs!

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Podcast: Caring fracking youth and a mix-tape

On this week’s episode: party co-spokesperson, Sandra Webster on her experiences of being a carer in Tory-ruled Scotland, me on the patriotic fracking nonsense of the Labour Party, Dunfermline branch chair Lewis Akers on being a young party activist and Glasgow South’s Tommy Ball with this week’s political round up.

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SSP Podcast: Syriza Victory in Athens

A special one-off SSP podcast: on the night that Syriza, the radical anti-capitalist party in Greece win at the polls, SSP activist Tommy Ball explains the implications this will have across Europe and Colin Fox reports from the celebrations on the ground in Athens!

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SSP Podcast: The Greek Report

Welcome to the SSP podcast – a bit of an experiment for us. On the show: why the Scottish Socialist Party will never demonise immigrants, Alan Wyllie on our reasoning for backing and campaigning for a £10 an hour Living Wage, co-spokesperson Sandra Webster on the upcoming cuts. It also features a report from Greece by national co-spokesperson Colin Fox on being an invited guest of Syriza, the radical left party tackling the Greek tragedy of austerity. They are expected to sweep to power this Sunday in the general election.

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