SSP Podcast: Apocryphal Tales – 2

In today’s Socialist Voices, we have SSP co-spokespeople, Sandra Webster and Colin Fox, Sandra on Paisley’s Sma Shot and Colin on the SNP’s strange relationship with the monarchy. We have Don Mackeen on racism in the USA, the Confederate flag and of course the awful terrorist events in Charleston last week.  We have Dr Bruce Scott speaking about Mental distress from a socialist perspective; We have blogger and trans woman, Amber Daniels on her experiences, Matthew Geraghty on our democratic deficit, Australian Socialist Alliance member Dave Riley on “the Lucky Country,” SNP activist, Debra Torrance with a very emotional plea about the terrible events in the Mediterranean, Calum Martin on the SSP alternative to the Council Tax – the much fairer Scottish Service Tax and Aiden O’Rourke with a suggestion for the SSP…

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Militant Remembered: Liverpool defies the Tories

richie96A special archive podcast for friends and comrades today. Richie Venton, in addition to being the Scottish Socialist Party’s national workplace organiser, was formerly a prominent activist in the titanic struggles that took part in the city of Liverpool against the Thatcher Government in the early 80s.

Ahead of tomorrow’s vast STUC and UK-wide protests, these are valuable firsthand accounts of a struggle that can inform today’s battle against a brutal Tory majority government at the height of their power – and winning significant victories and concessions, many of which survive to this day.

Part 1 – download:

Part 2 – download:

Part 3 –

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PODCAST: Colin Fox on Apolitical’s weekly programme

Our national co-spokesperson, Colin Fox dropped in for a chat in the Apolitical studios – they publish a weekly Scottish politics podcast featuring interviews with people from across the political spectrum. Covering a wide array of political topics, both current and past: post-referendum activism, the emergence of the Scottish Left Project, and the fortunes of the Scottish Socialist Party post-2003, it’s a good and entertaining interview.

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Their series of other political podcasts can be found on their website. Enjoy!

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Podcast: The Marionette’s Pageant

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On Socialist Voices this time, Matthew Geraghty on the Marionettes Pageant that was the Queen’s Speech, Sandra Webster, Co-spokes person for the SSP on the SSP led demos last Wednesday, Co-spokesperson Colin Fox on the Scotland Bill, Don Mackeen on the continuing saga of Alistair Carmichael MP, Debra Torrance sells Vuvuzelas two for a pound, Michael Greenwell interviews SSP member and co-founder of Labour for Independence, Allan Grogan and Calum Martin on the Chartists.

Music from:

The Exiles

The Cundeez

Joe Solo


St Christopher’s Medal

Milton Star

Thee Faction

The Wakes

Steve White and the Protest Family

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SSP Podcast: Occupy!

Most of this podcast was recorded on Faslane Peace Camp – where I met Elaine Graham – a young socialist activist who is living there.

Also featuring Eleanor Dow from Edinburgh People and Planet on why they have occupied Charles Stewart House; in the interest of balance Allan Grogan gives his view on the SLP – if you go to our archive, you can hear Cat Boyd’s. Also, a view from the south of England on the General election result from Matthew Geraghty, Dave Riley from the Australian socialist alliance continues his superb contribution on racism and in particular on the native Australian story; Wullie Cunningham on the behaviour of the SNP online since the referendum and Calum Martin on the great reform act.

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The Electoral Revolution…

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In today’s podcast, Michael Greenwell continues his interview series, this week he interviews SSP Co-Spokesperson, Colin Fox.

On the campaign trail with Liam McLaughlan and Sandra Webster

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Music to End the Condem Chaos coalition…

On this weeks podcast, Colin Fox on the launch of the SSP manifesto this week, Don Mackeen on the upcoming American presidential election, podcaster Michael Greenwell in the first of a series of interviews he is doing for the SSP, Katie Bonnar on the dreadful kidnapping of young women by Boko Haram in Nigeria, Stephanie Rolls on the Scottish service tax and Calum Martin on the rebellion of 1820.

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On Scotlands most listened to socialist podcast, SSP Glasgow East candidate Liam McLaughlan on his election campaign, Singer song writer, Joe Solo on his support for the miners and the mining communities, Jenni Gunn on remembering the conscientious objectors, SSP co-spokesperson, Sandra Webster on the One in Five campaign, Beinn Irbhinn on the language of the left and socialist democracy, SNP socialist, Debra Torrance on her choice in the election, and Calum Martin will be continuing his delve into the history of the left.

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