EU Referendum: Youth Opportunities

IMG_1334by Lewis Akers, Young Scottish Socialist Organiser

At the start of 2016 the Scottish Youth Parliament released their manifesto – a very large consultation of the views of young people in Scotland. It highlights, like poll after poll, that young people overwhelmingly support Remaining in the European Union. This is not because of some false romanticism of the European Union but because of the tangible results of many EU-led schemes.

European Social Fund

The European Social Fund is a scheme set up by the EU which aims to reintegrate those who are socially excluded back into society via the means of gaining new skills – something which was discussed at the last SSP National Conference.

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EU Referendum: Migrants denied a voice!

paolo_resizedBy Paolo Caserta

After a shallow and empty campaign, people in the UK will next week have their final word on whether or not to remain part of the European Union.

The campaign so far has been a negative one, dominated by fear and scaremongering on both sides, creating a poisonous atmosphere that has culminated in the tragic murder of Labour MP Jo Cox: a horrific tragedy, one from which we only hope valuable lessons can – and will be learned.

Immigration, the economy and sovereignty have been the three main topics around which the debate (or lack of it) has taken place. On immigration, there has been a lot of misinformation thrown around – with the Tory-controlled Remain side unable,

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For a Socialist Europe, not a Bosses EU

The starting gun has been fired. The date set. And the unlikely alliances established. David Cameron has staked his Premiership on the outcome of another Referendum. If his gamble pays off he will be seen as one of the most successful Tory leaders alongside Thatcher and Churchill. If he loses he will have to resign, his legacy akin to Neville Chamberlain’s or John Major’s. The British ruling classes in their corporate boardrooms and financial exchanges are determined to help him win. For the EU is as much their ‘club’ as anyone else’s.

The polls are inconclusive and suggest the popular vote could go either way.

For the anti-capitalist left the choice is not straightforward. Whilst we all agree the EU is an anti-democratic neo-liberal institution the question is what outcome is in the best interests of the working class?

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Bollan Blasts Tory Ban on BDS movement

The UK government is set to announce that it will be making it illegal for local councils and public bodies in England and Wales to engage in boycotts of goods and services produced by Israeli firms on contested territory in the West Bank. One of these councils is West Dunbartonshire – which has moved to use their procurement decisions to boycott and challenge Israel’s human rights record.

West Dunbartonshire SSP Councillor Jim Bollan decries the Tory ban as a “scandalous and unwarranted attack on local democracy and freedom of speech by this Tory Government introducing fascist legislation to curtail opposition to the illegal occupation of Palestine by Apartheid Israel.

“Western Governments including the UK turn a blind eye as Palestinians continue to be assassinated on the streets of the occupied territories by the Israeli Army,

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The Socialist Case Against Leaving the European Union

Hugh Cullenby Hugh Cullen

As Britain’s membership of the European Union (EU) hangs in the balance with a referendum looming, it is time for the left to take a serious look at the issue. A left-wing exit (lexit) is supported by some prominent socialists; of course we would want to leave an undemocratic, capitalist institution that puts big business interests before workers. But is a socialist paradise where we are free to nationalise what we want and go after the tax dodgers being offered here?

Two main arguments will be put forward as to why socialists should vote to remain in the EU at this referendum. Firstly, our sister socialist parties across the EU call for a ‘united European left’ in order to support a continent-wide challenge to capitalism and austerity,

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International Brigadiers commemoration

bill_bonnar_850x450by Bill Bonnar

Just before the SSP National Council in Dundee on February 13th, the party took part in the annual commemoration of International Brigadiers from that city. This year sees the 80th Anniversary of the start of the Spanish Civil War although this is a misnomer. In fact, in 1936 the country was attacked by the forces of international fascism.

The country had just elected a left wing Republican government. The response of Spain’s ruling class and its international backers was to launch a military coup. The initial coup failed but the country collapsed into war. It was a war the government would have won but for massive intervention by fascist Italy and Germany and with tacit support from the British Government.

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Catalonian independence – a socialist perspective

Bill Bonnarby Bill Bonnar

For the first time at elections to its National Assembly pro-independence parties won a majority of seats. It yet another sign that Catalonia is on the road to independence with only the timing and nature of that final destination still up for discussion. With more than half the seats and just under half the votes the parliament does not have a clear mandate as yet but it is only a matter of time before a legal referendum is called. To date Madrid has blocked this demand hoping that the issue will go away but this is now looking a forlorn hope even in Madrid.

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Signs of Discontent amongst Polish Workers

by Ross Walker

In the last week a series of articles in the mainstream media have claimed that there will be a walkout of Polish migrant workers throughout Britain. The strike if it is to take place will be in protest to anti immigrant rhetoric and T-shirts are being produced saying “Enough: Stop Blaming Us”

The Tory loyal Telegraph said “More than half a million Poles now work in the UK and any concerted action could cause widespread disruption to businesses and services across the country, with the construction, food and health care sectors in particular hit hard.”

In doing this they not only exposed the fear of the capitalists and their right wing media but also mistakenly reminded its readership of the potential power of the working classes,

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