A Letter To America

Roz PatersonWe’ve all had friends that we haven’t seen in a while, who have gone off the rails – Roz Paterson remembers her radical America, and offers a comradely pep-talk.

Dear America,

clinton_trumpOh dear, America! How are you feeling this morning? Actually, we in Scotland know exactly how you’re feeling! We know all about the regret, the pain, and the nausea that comes the morning after the night before and, believe me, we are holding your hand across the Atlantic.

Don’t listen to the ones who tell you that you’re an embarrassment and a pariah. We’ve heard it all before too – after the Brexit vote, after the No vote in our Independence Referendum,

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Iraq Disaster created by Blair fully vindicates SSP opposition to War

The disaster and carnage sparked by Tony Blair’s decision to back the 2003 invasion of Iraq was both unnecessary and unjustified as the millions who marched against in 2003 said. That is the key finding of the weighty Chilcot Report published today.

colin_foxResponding to the report SSP national spokesman Colin Fox said:

“The SSP were in the leadership of the anti-war movement in 2003 and warned it was an illegal war without justification.”

“The invasion, occupation and subsequent sectarian civil war stand testament to the true legacy of Tony Blair. And we stand side by side with those who believe he should be in the dock at The Hague today facing war crime charges.

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Chilcot – Jail Blair

by Katie Bonnar

This is what happened. Tony Blair and George Bush took a decision took a decision to attack Iraq and overthrow its government. It did so not to help the Iraqi people or because Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator. America has supported brutal dictatorships all over the world as it once enthusiastically supported Saddam Hussein. It did so to gain control of Iraq’s oil reserves and to put a weak and compliant government in Baghdad.

What both America and Britain lacked was a reason to go to war that would satisfy their own largely cynical electorate and would stand up in international law so they had to invent reasons. In America it was the fight against terrorism.

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Brexit: what’s next?

katie_bonnar_thumbnailby Katie Bonnar

In the aftermath of the EU referendum, the political atmosphere has become electrifying. In the space of a few days, we have witnessed a vote to leave the EU, the resignation of a Prime Minister, demands for a second referendum on independence in Scotland, calls for a united Ireland and all of this against the background of markets and a currency in freefall.

Events are evolving quickly. The vote to leave the EU has struck a blow at the heart of the political elite who did not see it coming. It is now apparent that there is a massive chasm between the Westminster establishment and the working class, particularly in England.

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Conservatives hang on to Power in Deeply Divided Spain

colin_foxby Colin Fox

Spain sets aside the Saturday before polling as ‘a day of reflection’ to allow the electorate time to collect its thoughts, consider the various election messages it has heard and make up its mind how to vote.

The results of yesterdays Spanish General Election on the face of it resolved very little yet there is much for everyone now to reflect upon.

Election Result – June 26th 2016

June Result
December election

Partido Popular [PP]
33% and 137 seats
123 seats

23% and 85 seats
90 seats

Unidos Podemos
21% and 71 seats
71 seats

13% and 32 seats
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Brexit Vote Spells Political Crisis in Scotland and UK

colin_foxCommenting on the Brexit vote SSP National Spokesperson Colin Fox said:

“This result first and foremost represents an unprecedented rejection of the anti-democratic, neo-liberal EU by one of its most significant and powerful constituent nations.

Regardless of this Brexit vote socialists must work here and across Europe in alliance with other progressives to replace the neo-liberal xenophobic policies which put the needs of working class people way behind the profits of a rich elite.

Described throughout the referendum campaign by both sides as the most important political decision Britain has taken in 40 years the decision to leave the EU has worldwide reverberations economically and politically.

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colin_foxby Colin Fox

Britain’s Referendum on the EU is receiving as much coverage here in Spain as the country’s General Election this Sunday. The UK poll features heavily on TV, radio and all the newspapers. Most commentators are waiting to see what impact the UK result will have, if any, on Spanish public opinion.

If, as seems likely, Britain votes to ‘Remain’ on Friday the eyes of Europe will quickly move to Madrid. For EU leaders may see a left-wing government emerge to confront their neo-liberal hegemony.

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The Conservatives and the EU referendum

by Sophia Lycouris

It is difficult to discuss arguments about the Remain or Leave perspectives following a step-by-step logical progression. This is because each position is approached in a completely different way.

The Left Leave position is effectively a critique of the European Union’s neoliberal character, but has very little concrete proposals about what the future of the UK working class might be after Brexit. Some have suggested that, following a Brexit, the current UK government might collapse and Jeremy Corbyn might win and save the country. Others seem to hope that a Brexit could somehow give strength to the working class to resist more effectively against the Tory-led British neoliberalism.

On the other hand,

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